Are speed camera really effective against road fatalities?

On the 31 December 2014, the new Minister of Public Infrastructure and Transport, Nando Bodha announced the measures of the government shall take to remedy the situation of speed camera and fines. The most important ones the change in amount of fine from Rs 2000 to Rs 500 and also the removal of the double penalty system, i.e either only fines or lose points depending on the number of offences committed in a certain interval of time. (More can be read here, here and there).

On a personal note, I think the minister is on the right track by reducing the fine from Rs 2000 to Rs 500. For the population at large, this sum of money (Rs 2000) is a big deal. The previous amount was with certainty an anomaly when considering the fact that the fine for assaulting someone without using any weapon is much less that Rs 2000, around Rs 500. I believe and hope that the minister will do more than that when considering the ineffectiveness of speed camera which the minister himself has affirmed in his press release. Why not removing the speed camera on the roads? It is now known and confirmed that the speed cameras are more likely to be money making instead of life saving. 

Most drivers if not all will agree to the fact that, there is a tendency to be focused more on the speedometer than on the road when a speed camera is nearby. If we take into account the reaction times of people and the speed of car, this translate into 40% of a driver’s time is spent looking down at the speedometer and not at the road.

Out of the 80,000 motorist that have been flashed, how many of them have caused an accidents?

One can argue that manufacturers of speed camera and their affiliates usually market themselves as “road security consultants” and thereby influencing the decisions of the authorities whenever their advise is sought on such matters.

On a concluding point, it has been found that more police patrol on the road is more effective against several traffic offences than speed cameras. The main goal of the authorities should remain the welfare and security of the people and not adding more unnecessary stress by milking money out of responsible drivers. Statistically speaking, the way things were going, it was only a question of time when a responsible driver would be flashed.


Some key facts about speed camera

  • Speed cameras are a dangerous distraction to motorists
  • Authorities support speed cameras because it’s politically correct
  • Cameras are money making, not life saving



Adarsh Hasnah Written by:

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